The Unknown Zone

By Brooke Einbender

When the lockdown began, isolation became everyone’s “new normal.” Brooke saw a Facebook post for “Free Doors!” Listening to her intuition, she scooped up the doors and brought them home. Since then, Brooke has collected 80+ doors from the Telluride community. Her larger vision is to build a large-scale immersive installation of portals that will debut in the Fall of 2022.

Doors are steeped in sacred and spiritual meaning. In life, when one door closes, another will open. In terms of Covid-19, what happens behind closed doors is only for us to know.

The Unknown Zone installation offers a genuine journey into numinous realms and enlightened states of being. The ‘numinous’ is defined as a space that has divinity presiding over it, a spiritual place, a magical place - it’s where the magical can be invited, discovered, and generated.

This year, Brooke has recieved a Telluride Arts small grant to launch her project. She's built a permanent 3-door installation at CampV in Naturita, CO. She's also exhibited doors at ETHOS Telluride and the Telluride Transfer Warehouse. Brooke is currently an artist in residence at the Silver Bell Mine in Ophir, CO. The exhibition The Unknown Zone: Silver Bell Mine showcases her newest collection of portals.

In October, Brooke is hosting a writing workshop at the Telluride Wilkinson Public Library exploring the theme "when one door closed in my life, another door opened..." Next spring, Brooke will give a TEDx talk about The Unknown Zone.

Please follow Brooke's journey into The Unknown Zone.



Brooke Einbender, a.k.a. Mindbender Art, is establishing new frontiers at the intersection of where art and technology meet and its impact on human consciousness. She creates mind-bending experiences that harness spiritual energy, transporting the viewer to different inter-spatial dimensions. Her work blends several mediums into one - painting, XR art, installation, video, and NFTs.

When starting a painting, Brooke has no vision of what the end result should look like. Letting her intuition be her only guide, Brooke begins with disorderly, random acts, embracing mistakes and the unknown. She is inspired by the mysterious inner workings of her mind, fractals, sacred geometry, and every color of the rainbow. 

Brooke graduated from Wake Forest University (2017) as a Presidential Scholar for Visual Arts with a concentration in oil painting. Since moving to Telluride in 2018, Brooke has been integrating her fine art practice with cutting-edge digital mediums. She currently is an artist in residence at Voodoo Studios and the Silver Bell Mine in Ophir, CO.